For over ten years I’ve helped small businesses develop their visual branding, create websites and add value to their marketing campaigns. I am absolutely passionate about what I do, from Illustration work and Print design, designing websites to coding them using HTML5 with CSS styling and Javascript interactivity, all this using Adobe’s Creative Suite of software such as Photoshop and Illustrator and hand writing my code using Dreamweaver, WordPress or Bootstrap.

I pride myself in combining good design sense and technical savvy to create great looking, functional websites. I take a creative approach to each project so that the final product is unique, eye catching but most importantly it just works. Whether it’s as working as part of a team, or spearheading a project, I put my 120% into it, consistently exceeding employers and clients expectations with my extensive experience in customer service and time management.

Take a look at some key creative projects in my portfolio pages, or download my resumé to see what I’ve been working on.