Peterson Joseph


Address: 167 Beechnut Road
Woodbridge, On L4L 6T7

Cell: 416-912-7708

I am a seasoned Graphic & Web Designer versed in all of the latest technologies pertaining to Graphic Design & Front End web development looking to find fulltime employment within your industry.


Dawson College, Montreal, QC, CA

1995 - 2000

DEC Graphic Design

Dawson College, Montreal, QC, CA

2001 - 2004

DEC Illustration and Design

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Flash
  • InDesign
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap
  • LESS
  • Javascript
References & Testimonials
Hugh W. – Wilson Martial Arts "Peterson was very responsive to our feedback and gave us the product exactly as we wanted it."
Damean C. – 500 Level "Peterson was a pleasure to work with, very talented artist."
G. Chopik – MMA Expo "Very professional, very trustworthy and knowledgeable in his craft."

Notable Experience

Special Olympics Canada

Graphic and Web Designer (Contract)

July 2016 - Present

  • - Creating visuals for informational aimed brochures using branding guide
  • - Helping develop new website by troubleshooting and testing new code
  • - Combing over archived footage to find usable media to be uploaded to serverss
  • - Help with Data management of all existing media, storage and file categorizations

Sears Canada

Online and Email Designer (Contract)

March 2016 - June 2016

  • - Develop graphic and image assets for both content marketing and digital marketing efforts
  • - Support overall website design, and convert business and marketing objectives into designs that are clear, compelling and visually exciting
  • - Determining colour, layout and themes of email marketing designs using seasonal toolkits and branding guides
  • - Liaise with promotional team to determine the optimal use of photos and copy to create more attractive web pages and emails
  • - Navigate the internal workflow of the design drive set up and fully understand the operating procedure for file management and naming conventions
  • - Ensure creative is dispatched to deploy team within deadline

    Skills Used

  • - Superior time management and organization
  • - Refined Graphic design skills
  • - HTML coding as well as UX awareness

Eternal Springtime

Web Concept and Design (Freelance)

January 2016 - Present

  • - Creation of website concept, including HTML and CSS styling
  • - Photo Editing and image creation for website content
  • - Continued maintenance and updating of content


  • - Helped streamline process for website updating using clean, efficient code to  allow future users to come and make updates
  • - Spearheaded website functionality and design initiative, created processes that  allowed the team to work in tandem, updating content
     and then feeding it to the site

    Skills Used

  • - Designing the website's visual imagery and ensuring it is in line with company branding policy or the requirements of the client
  • - Creation of Social Media profiles

Just Fresh Designs

Web Design and Coding / Client relations (Full Time)

June 2016 - Present

  • - Modification of Bootstrap Templates, creation of HTML 5 templates &
      design of websites
  • - Presenting initial design ideas to clients and determining the best solutions
  • - Determining colour, layout and themes, sketching out ideas
  • - Designing graphics, animations and manipulating digital photographs
  • - Search engine optimization, researching current design trends and
  •  post-sales technical support
  • - Designing the website's visual imagery and ensuring it is in line with company
      branding policy or the requirements of the client
  • - Creation of Social Media profiles

Wilson Martial Arts

Web Design and Coding (Contract)

Nov. 2014 - Dec. 2014
  • - Presentation of initial design for website, including placement of graphics
  • - Update of logo for website as well as print
  • - Proofreading content and grammar and making changes where necessary
  • - Testing the website to ensure it is working
  • - Post creation technical support
  • - Creation of a Facebook group

Americana MMA

Illustrations / Apparel Art (Contract)

Aug. 2012
  • - Creation of a Facebook Banner - Illustration
  • - Creation of Company Logo reflecting their mission statement at time
  • - Various Apparel Designs - Illustrations for T-Shirts

Contra: Gameboyz

Album Cover / Interiors (Contract)

Apr. 2011
  • - Presentation of initial design for album cover, including placement of graphics
  • - Creation of mock ups for page layout in Photoshop
  • - Photography of band members for portraits
  • - Final Artwork Created in Flash designed to clients specifications

MMA Expo

Creation of Various pieces of artwork (Contract)

Nov. 2010
  • - Creation of various portraits of Mixed Martial Arts fighters for sale
  • - Setting up of art booths
  • - Responsible for sales, distribution and displaying of artwork geared towards the
     general public

    Skills Used

  • - Demonstrated superior sales techniques, providing patrons with signed
     copies of artwork
  • - Displayed organizational sklls helping set up tables for artists